Top App Development Trends Business Should Look Up In 2023

Technology is changing at a very high speed, and companies need to be prepared to offer digital users new solutions that will make their everyday lives easier.

That’s why, I have taken the time to put together the top app development trends businesses can look up in 2023 in order to give you a clearer understanding of this scenario.

Cross Platform App Development.

Cross platform mobile app development tools, such as Flutter, have become trendy in the last few years, and this trend will only become bigger by 2023. There are several factors that have influenced this increasing popularity.

First of all, cross platform development saves quite high amounts of money and time for businesses, because it allows developers to create the same code base for IOS and Android, without spending extra time and effort in making two different native apps.

Because there is only one code base, cross platform apps are able to be tested, analyzed and updated in the matter of minutes and without any profit loss, which helps developers to focus on more creative tasks, such as the general responsiveness or design.

Furthermore, cross platform development helps to keep stability in the overall look and improve user experience, because it allows to keep the same design in all different platforms. That creates a more consistent user experience and reinforces the brand identity.

However, cross platform development tools like Flutter also have their downsides. Check this article to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using Flutter.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

Artificial intelligence is the biggest and most popular trend to look up in 2023. AI consists of many different technologies that enable machines to imitate human intelligence.

Some AI tools, such as automation or machine learning, help companies to computerize complex and repetitive tasks, reducing employee time and effort, saving them costs and, even providing a better customer experience.

And that´s why, every day more companies are adding artifical intelligence to their business activities. In fact, according to the latest IBM Global Adoption Index, in 2021, 35% of companies had already reported using AI in their business processes, and 42% were exploring it.

Although AI is a very big concept, there are three crucial AI features that will be a must-have for businesses to reach success in 2023 (mostly, for digital businesses). Those feautures are gathered in the following list:

  1. Automation is the most used and popular AI trend. As it was previously mentioned, it helps automate human repetitive and complex tasks to save time, allowing businesses to scalate faster.
  2. Chatbots with smart replies are also an important trend to look up in 2023. These chatbots are able to have human conversations with users, by learning from customers’ previous FAQs. They rely on human support to help them in case of error, until they progressively learn in order to totally replace human customer service.
  3. Finally, apps with facial recognition will increasingly become more popular and extend their aims. This feature is mostly used for improving cybersecurity (like a lot of current online bank apps) and it will be seen in more and more apps in the next few years. However, face recognition is also being explored and used for other uses, such as for medical purposes. In example, there are already some apps that are able to scan a patient’s face, identify their symptoms and offer a diagnosis.

On-demand Apps.

On-demand apps connect customers with different service providers. They are easy to use and reliable solutions that help assist customers’ everyday problems in the matter of minutes. Examples of on-demand apps are Uber, Airbnb, or FretApp (a transportation app developed by Capyba).

On-demand apps have become extremely trendy during the last few years, mostly after the Covid-19 crisis. And, according to the latest PWC report, on-demand market will grow up to $335B by 2023.

These apps accelerate and facilitate the purchasing process and, therefore, often increase conversions, so it is very likely that introducing one for your business will be the key point you need to boost your number of sales.

Shopping Apps.

Covid-19 has clearly accelerated the process of world digitalization. People had to avoid visiting stores, supermarkets and restaurants and, thus,increased the number of times they purchased online.

During this time, customers realized that shopping online was easier, and it afforded them big amounts of something that is priceless in our current reality: time. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the number of downloads in the Shopping segment has reached an annual growth rate of 10.79%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1.39B by 2026, (Statista, 2022).

Shopping apps allow customers to access shops from everywhere they want, create accounts, wishlists and save their delivery information. Furthermore, now, with augmented reality tools, customers can even try out clothes, make-up and other accessories from the commodity of their homes.

All those features obviously make shopping apps an incredible sales booster, and every day more shops are adding shopping apps to their business key activities.


Last but not least, we should talk about design simplicity.

Although design simplicity has always been important, it has become crucial for online success during the last few years.

According to the cognitive load pscyhological theory, people have a limited amount of information they can hold in their working memory. Therefore, customers have a preference for apps with only enough information to carry out the action.

Every day users are overloaded with more and more online information and, by 2023, with the introduction of the metaverse and the web3, users will be exposed to an even bigger amount of stimuli. So, creating an app with too many features will only complicate the customer journey, and therefore, decrease their purchase intention.


In conclusion, having a business nowadays is not an easy task. The world is digitizing, and so it needs your business if it doesn’t want to fall behind the competition. Following these app trends will not only help you increase sales, but will also help you adapt to the new business era and be always on top of the market.

Are you ready to implement these technology trends for your business? Have you already implemented some? Let’s discuss more about the topic in the comments!